Scott and Ann Springer
Scott Springer

Scott is the managing editor at a major academic publisher based in California. He teaches college classes in journalism and business and holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Scott is also the former editor of a monthly lifestyle magazine and has assisted in the research and editing of several books for an established author.
Ann Springer

Ann holds degrees in journalism and health promotion. She has a background in writing, advertising, and marketing. She spends much of her time working on marketing and publicity projects with corporate clients for the business that we co-own, Lot 9 Publicity & Communications. Additionally she lends her expertise to various volunteer organizations and causes such as Lil’ Angels Pug Rescue (the largest pug rescue in Southern California) and Darfur4U (a non-profit advocacy group for the Darfur region of Africa).

As 20-something college students, we met while working for our student newspaper and have been writing together ever since. We pride ourselves on getting our facts right, turning in typo-free text, and meeting our deadlines. Because of our commitment to these areas, many of the editors we work with solicit work from us on a regular basis and they’ve even referred us to write for other magazines at their publishing company.

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